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... recording the stories of the LGBT community in Scotland

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Babs telling a story

Workshops develop stories and skills that are brought into play in public performance.


The stories we tell, along with those that are told to us, inform and inspire our performances, whether of drama or public storytelling. One of the most effective ways of telling stories is through dramatic monologues, which have been central to our work since our first drama production seXshunned.

Love Out of Bounds, an innovative and inclusive project that brings us together to share stories of loves untold, culminated in a storytelling performance at Hillhead Library, Glasgow, on Valentine's Day 2011. Seven storytellers, led by Jo Clifford, read stories collected through the project.Love Out of Bounds performance

You can find transcriptions of a selection of the tales we told here:

>> Tales to Tell

In our Queer Stories project, stories from our lives are shared through writing and speaking out. An effective way to have our voices heard is through public performance.

You can find video extracts of the tales told at the culminating performance of Queer Stories at the OurStory Ceilidh here:

>> Tales to Tell

Here are some stories told at Queer Stories for Glasgay November 2005

Queer Stories

Don't Look Back in Anger - Donald 2005
I want to take you back with me some 26 years to 1979...
[ read full story ]

Do You Know What a Lesbian Is, Laura? - Laura 2005
'Do you know what a lesbian is, Laura?' she said in a really aggressive way...
[ read full story ]

Should Auld Acquaintance - Donald 2005
Sometimes your past catches up with you, when you least expect it...
[ read full story ]

Love Out of Bounds workshop

OurStory Scotland holds storytelling and performance workshops:
contact us if you would like to take part.


The Queer Stories project culminated in November 2006 with the OurStory Ceilidh at the Trades Hall in Glasgow on 4th November.

Kilted Dancers at OurStory Ceilidh

In 2007 we held art, mask and storytelling workshops, in which performance skills have been developed and demonstrated.

Mask Criz

For Love Out of Bounds we have held storytelling workshops, developing stories for exhibition and performance.

Artwork Tells Story