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OurStory Scotland

... recording the stories of the LGBT community in Scotland

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Policy and Practice

The stories that we collect from the LGBT community, and the research that uses our material, may have significant implications for policy and practice in relation to LGBT people, their lives, their identities, and their care and support. This may be of special importance for older people.

At conferences and workshops, OurStory Scotland has given several presentations on the stories of the LGBT community and their implications for policy and practice.

For example, on the implications of marginalised sexual identity for care and support in later life, a poster presentation was produced by researchers at the Universities of Stirling and Glasgow, working with OurStory Scotland. See this poster:

Tester S, Valentine J, Abrams L, Archibald C (2004) How does ageing affect older people with marginalised sexual identity?, poster presented at ISA Sociology of Ageing Conference, 'Ageing Societies and Ageing Sociology: Diversity and Change in a Global World', University of Surrey Roehampton, 7-9 September 2004.