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I have been many persons

I am 65 years old and have been many persons in my life first a mother then a wife and again a mother twice over.

My husband was neither paternal nor faithful and after 7 years I gave him a choice: his family or his freedom.

He chose his freedom – and the house. I left taking my oldest son. After one week he signed the house over to me.

I was now a single parent with 3 children and many roles. The provider, mother, father, carer, housekeeper, mentor etc.

I had no source of income and chose to go back to full time work. It was there I discovered I was attracted to a woman.

We were together for 7 years but, as a result of one of my children's reaction to my sexuality (he was constantly in trouble with the authorities), I tried returning to a heterosexual lifestyle. 

After a short time I gave up the pretence. I told my son it wasn't me and he needed to deal with his mother's true person. I returned to my female partner for another 8 years.

Like my husband she was not a faithful partner. Her idea of unconditional love was that she should have the freedom to cheat on me as often as she required. I was putting conditions on our love by requiring her to be faithful. I again moved on and was a single parent, now with a grown up family.

After some short term, unfortunate relationships, I have now been with my current partner for 15 years. The family (although maybe reluctantly) seem to have accepted us.

Initially told in 'Love Out of Bounds' Performed on Valentine's Day
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