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OurStory Scotland

... recording the stories of the LGBT community in Scotland

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End Section 28

End Section 28 for the Whole UK

As Scotland broke the barrier surely you will follow
Take heed to our advice , don't think , just swallow
And end this injustice of rumours and hate
Always fight for your rights, End Section 28

Councillors endlessly in closed heated debate
Teachers struggle and quietly hyperventilate
Our school pupils desperate and trying to relate
To fighting and bullying of rumours and hate
Always fight for your rights, Scrap Section 28

Wealthy Editors and Cardinals plot to confuse
With promotion of bigotry our rights to refuse
They want us silenced and simply left to our fate
Subjected to name calling bigotry and hate
Give them all two fingers and End Section 28

Don't dare shrink from this challenge
But continually fight and persist
Our young and gay generation
Deserve much better than this
To be Free from the bigotry, rumour and hate
For the whole of the UK, End Section 28