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Becoming Visible: Entries in the Comments Book for the Becoming Visible Exhibition

All names have been removed.

7/11/02How about a donations box.
7/11/02Membership forms
8/11/02Interesting & informative
9//11/02Interesting & well presented.
9/11/02History well documented & presented. Where is donations box?
12/11/02Your history - our history - my history
12/11/02I finally get to see how I got my rights I have today. It's so well done
25/11/02This is an excellent exhibition. Well presented and lots of material
26/11/02Wonderful exhibition. Looking at myself 20 years ago, who could have believed I was that slim-wow! Seriously though a wonderful gathering of Glasgow's gay history. Will we have a similar exhibition 20 years hence?
29/11/02Viewed the exhibition again (3rd. time) and again saw different things. Thought provoking!!
29/11/02Excellent layout. Really makes the mind work & appreciate what we have today. Also makes you realise how sad a world we all live in sometimes.
6/12/02Kinky! But Great!
6/12/02Cool, interesting!!!
9/12/02Ah, nostalgia.
10/12/02A wonderful exhibition
1/12/02Lovely very bright and cheery!
12/12/02Super, smashin'
13/12/02Interesting & thought provoking!
14/12/02Powerfully challenging & affirming- full of pride, courage, compassion and inspirational hope for the future.
14/12/02This history must not be lost! Most interesting but where is "Mother"?
14/12/02Thanks for preserving the rich history of our lives.
15/12/02Very good.
20/12/02Very Good.
21/12/01Your party was good.
23/12/02Can we have a video of people talking about coming out, and how about someone form Colours (Gay Lesbian Bi Youth Group.
19/12/02AB FAB.
3/1/03Excellent, well done.
29/12/02Very worthwhile.
9/1/03Very interesting. Comforting as a new 'Come out'. Congratulations to all involved. Well Done!
10/1/03Excellent. It is about time we showed everybody what we stand for.
15/1/03What can I say but a big thanks for it.
17/01/03Thanks! Great exhibition. Given us lots of ideas for our Edinburgh project.
17/01/03Excellent preparation. Informative, well planned & colourful.
17/01/03A great reminder of our history.
17/01/03Food for thought.
17/01/03It's comforting for someone new to the city.
21/1/03Fantastic exhibition. Moving, inspiring & fun.
26/01/03Very good and interesting.
24/01/03An amazing display covering every emotional aspect. Congratulations.
26/01/03Beautifully done - something to be proud of.

Becoming Visible

becoming Visible

Exhibition of
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender history in Scotland
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Setting Up the LGBT Archive Exhibition

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