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Monte waving finger

Claire and Monte with group at seXshunned rehearsal

Writings for seXshunned

seXshunned at the Arches
by Monte Hennegin

Some time ago a collaboration was agreed
Between 'OurStory Scotland' and 7:84,
In order with a theatrical production to proceed,
With stories of the LGBT as its core.
Great enthusiasm heralded the project's start.
Despite the vagaries of the LGBT scene
Fifteen individuals were to take part -
On homophobia to vent their spleen.
Alas, Alack, enthusiasm ebbed away
Seven of the participants dropping out -
Though eight talented stalwarts continued to stay.
It seemed the project had lost its clout.
    Claire and Derek were in a quandary,
    What would the fate of the project be?

'Twas late July that Jaime said to me
"Why not join the theatrical project?"
So I hied me off to Woodlands Road 333
Intending the 7:84 Company to contact.
I felt great sympathy for poor Claire
Seven having deserted of the original stock,
It must have been a cause of great despair -
Especially as their replacement was a geriatric crock.
A poem that geriatric had composed -
'The Well' - epitomised the production's theme,
And as Prologue and Epilogue was proposed...
So the geriatric was absorbed into the scheme.
    The triumvirate of Claire, Derek and Alana too,
    Became the great successful production crew.

The houselights dimmed, the audience fell silent,
David, the youngest cast member entered.
Leading the eldest cast member - old and bent,
To a spotlighted chair, on the stage centred:
Two characters symbolising the Alpha and Omega
Of the period of the seXshunned era:
Personal tales and outré phenomena -
The coming out of Jaime and Haber:
Newscastings linking many a decade,
Narrated in Graham's inimitable delivery:
Poignant monologues and pointed sketches made
By Mila, Angela, David, Donald and Gerry.
    Gays and Dykes put through their paces
    By Claire and Alana - the two straight Aces.

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