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Disco Tickets

Photograph of Disco Tickets Exhibit

According to a feature on Glasgow in Gay News reported by Keith Howes (Issue 115 March, 1977), under Discos:
Glasgow is disco mad. SMG had been organising discos in some of Glasgow's many corporation halls and also in hotel suites for the past four years. The Duke of Wellington and the Vintners also have occasional discos and recently the Western Hotel has introduced strong competition with the first licensed Sunday gay discos - the Shadows Sunday Disco Club which offers free membership and opens from 7 o'clock until midnight. The Western also tries to encourage gays to have their 21st birthday parties there on Friday and Saturday nights. Another recent entry on the scene is The Sunday Club which is run by an ex-member of SMG.
Unlike Edinburgh, Glasgow is very well off for disco accommodation but, in general, the discos tend to be quite small-scale although, on April 5th, SMG is hiring Tiffanay's ballroom in Glasgow, which accommodates 800-1000 people. Once the full effect of the licensing laws comes into effect during the summer, SMG hopes to get a licensed Sunday disco.

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