OurStory Scotland

Becoming Visible

Exhibition of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender history in Scotland

Ian Passmore - Fucking Queer

Photograph of Exhibit

"Ya wee fucking queer." I looked up to see what was going on only to discover that it was the school bully shouting at me. Everyone in the playground had heard and started to move over towards us. Mod Jim and his cronies strolled over to me and my friends and said it again. "Ah said you're a wee fucking poof." For some reason I shouted back at him. "That's not what you said when you were begging me to suck your cock last week." I can still hear the shocked silence and intake of breath and see the stunned look on his face. As he grabbed my tie I started to laugh. It struck me as funny that although he was going to batter me all over the playground I'd hurt him badly. Suddenly he let me go, stood back and said "You're a fucking nutter" turned around and walked away. I still can't explain why I said what I did but it was probably the first time I realised that the best method of defence is attack. From then on I had a great time in school with lots of new friends not all of them platonic. At the time everyone kept asking, "did he really say that?" — I always said yes. The truth was that we'd never spoken before.

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