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Homosexuality A Fact of Life

Photograph of Homosexuality A Fact of Life Exhibit

Extract from Gay News Issue 154:
"Tyneside CHE this week publishes the new version of its tape/slide kit on homosexuality with high hopes that it will make a noticeable impact on the teaching of homosexuality in schools and colleges. Both teachers and the educational press have expressed interest in the project during its long months of development and advance sales have already reached 25, including one sold to Belgium and another in Italy. Aimed at older teenagers, the 20-minute programme is also suitable for youth group discussions, and set out to describe something  of what it means to be gay by following the adventures of three teenagers in a cartoon strip story. Accompanying the slides is a taped commentary and two handbooks - one for teachers, which gives background information on a wide range of topics including gays and the family, the law, church and medical attitudes, and gay lifestyles, and a second for students, a briefer booklet translated from a Norwegian handbook first published in 1972 with support from central government funds."
The kit is based on an earlier one made in 1977 for adults, but this one is geared particularly at teenagers.
A letter in the frame shows that the kit was bought by the Paisley Branch of  the Scottish Homosexual Rights Group in 1981 and another confirms that it was loaned to the Inverness group that year.

According to Lambda, October 1981, the Newsletter of SHRG Paisley & District Branch: 18 Nov- Homosexuality - A Fact of Life. Another chance to see the excellent CHE Tape/Slide kit.

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